«Legends of Reed», a podcast by bassoonist Jo Anne Sukumaran featuring Niño Rubén

One of the most fascinating, and innovative solo bassoonists currently. He won the Special Prize of the 1stSeville Double Reed Society in Spain for his outstanding performance and musical talents. Competition and started caving out his own unique path. Improvising and composing at a very young age, he has presented his own compositions at many festivals, and is particularly focused on researching the art of the flamenco. We speak about interesting topics such as his passion for flamenco music, and the historical significance of the flamenco. We also talk about breaking barriers in classical music by making the bassoon the protoganist and soloist in concerts, how he started improvising and composing and his compositions and favourite concerts. We also compare our creative process and discuss the connection between silence and creativity, how he found his own voice and compositional style and him searching and finding his artistic freedom.

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